Nas- Represent

With the 20 year anniversary of Illmatic just passing I thought I would pay homage. What can I say about that album that hasn’t been said? It set a high bar for all mc’s 20 years ago including Nas himself, and from a lyrical standpoint I dont think it has been touched. Even the production which I thought would get dated has made a comeback with the 90′s sound becoming  popular again. I heard Nas say in an interview lately that he was trying to make a perfect album with Illmatic. He said he wanted people to hear, taste, see and smell the hood. Congratulations sir, mission accomplished. When I listen to it the pictures he paints with words become so vivid they make me cringe at times. Here is one of my favorite tracks from the classic album produced by DJ Premiere.


These guys just showed up on my radar. I’m probably late, but I like some stuff I hear from their new album “So It Goes”.

Dizzy Wright – Killem Wit Kindness

I will be keeping an eye out for this man’s future projects. I highly reccomend checking out his mixtape “The Golden Age”. Also an interesting fact,  his uncle is Layzie Bone so this rapping thing is in his blood.

Chance The Rapper – Fuck You Tahm Bout

I have a love/hate relationship with Chance. I think he makes some really great songs and I also think his antics and voice can wear on you at times, like nails on a chalkboard. I think “10DAY” and “Acid Rap” were overall really good albums and brought something different to the game. He definitely isn’t affraid to do his own thing and bring melody to Rap. I commend him for that. This track doesn’t necessarily showcase that, but it gets me HYPE!! HAHA!

SchoolBoy Q – Break The Bank

SchoolBoy Q is about to release his highly anticipated album Oxymoron this week. I am expecting good things from the project and I really enjoyed this cut produced by Alchemist. That South Central vibe and look that has become synonomous with hip hop and certainly inspires alot of fashion we see today, including DFM. I thought it was Doughboy when he came out of the house in the flannel with the 40!

Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar – Nosetalgia

Two of my favorites MC’s. My Name Is My Name was definitely a bright spot in Hip Hop last year.

A$AP Nast – Trillmatic

Something I will say about the whole A$AP crew is they are creative and do some really good videos. Their songs seem to be an experience to me. They create an atmosphere and evoke feeling. I accept what they do lyrically for what it is. No its not Nas or Kendrick but it certainly isnt Tyga either. They are entertaining. Check out the phone Nast has haha!! Meth blessed the track as well and reminded me of the days with Mary J.

Joey Bada$$ ft Big KRIT- Underground Airplay

Love this video! I sure hope this is the direction hip hop is heading.

Alley Boy ft Pusha T – Your Favorite Rapper

Love the hard hitting beat on this track. Pusha’s verse is nice and takes a great shot at Mr. Skinny jeans. The game is so soft and fraudulent right now that Its “music to my ears” to hear real shit like this. Its important to remind the kids from time to time that their favorite rapper is a coward. They wont listen though and unfortunately some will still look up to these fake ass gangsters with no talent. That’s okay though because real hip hop fans dont listen to the radio and know the Grammys mean nothing. Sorry if I sound bitter, maybe I am. So many cup cakes trying to ruin the music I love. Call me a hater, I’m fine with that. A toast to the real ones!

Kendrick Lamar – M.A.A.D City ft. MC Eight

One of my favorite tracks off this classic album. There is so much good shit going on, I would need a bigger blog to tell you everything I love about this track. Big west coast drums, the different voice inflection Kendrick uses, the OG MC Eight laying down a great verse and also Kendrick’s narrative poem at the end is brilliant. I think one of the most clever lines comes in Kendrick’s first verse where his friends name is censored out as not to implicate him in a murder case. It lends a sense of authenticity that you don’t get from other rappers.