Fashawn – Father

I love this guys life story. Grew up without a dad and a mother hooked on drugs, he was put in a grouphome at age 12. By age 15 he put out his first mixtape. His first album “Boy Meets World” was critically acclaimed and now he is signed with Nas’ label ready to release his next album in September. He is an incredible MC and the kind of dude I root for. Its sad I just discovered him recently and yet I have known about Chief Keef for years haha!

Jeezy ft Jay Z – Seen It All

These two veterans just make great songs when they come together. They made one of my favorite songs years ago ”Go Crazy” and they are back at it on this one. HOV is still writing incredible verses, I guess he is pretty good at this rap thing.

The Underachievers – Felicity

New one from these guys. A very tallented duo from Flatbush. Looking forward to the new album.

Blu – Red & Gold ft. Prodigy, Mitchy Slick and Phil Da Agony

I am not very familiar with Blu’s work but I am going to check out more of his catelog. He has been doing this for a long time in California and is well respected in the underground hip hop community. I can see why, I have been empressed with what I have heard from his new album “Good To Be Home”. Im a big Mobb Deep fan so I like the Prodigy feature too.

Vince Staples – Nate

Vince is an up and coming MC and was recently included on the coveted XXL freshman cover for 2014. Great song and video and I am sure his career will be taking off as so many do after being donned that cover. I hate that any child has to grow up and see this in their home.

Flatbush Zombies – 97.92

I have not been on board with alot FZ’s stuff but something I have always appreciated is their creativity and the way they stay true to themselves. They are kind of carving out their own lane and staying in it, and they can rap. I respect the artistic direction and this video is visually cool. I especially like these guys when their topics are thoughtful and not just drugs. I look forward to checking out future projects.


New K.R.I.T. will always catch my attention even though I was very dissapointed in his first studio album with Def Jam. It felt like they tried to mass produce that gritty Mississippi feel that KRIT brings and it fell flat. This is the KRIT I love and the one I found ripping mixtapes like “K.R.I.T. Wuz Here” and “Return Of 4Eva” years ago. He is so tallented as an MC and producer and displays so many different styles and great wordplay here. Enjoy!

Nas- Represent

With the 20 year anniversary of Illmatic just passing I thought I would pay homage. What can I say about that album that hasn’t been said? It set a high bar for all mc’s 20 years ago including Nas himself, and from a lyrical standpoint I dont think it has been touched. Even the production which I thought would get dated has made a comeback with the 90′s sound becoming  popular again. I heard Nas say in an interview lately that he was trying to make a perfect album with Illmatic. He said he wanted people to hear, taste, see and smell the hood. Congratulations sir, mission accomplished. When I listen to it the pictures he paints with words become so vivid they make me cringe at times. Here is one of my favorite tracks from the classic album produced by DJ Premiere.


These guys just showed up on my radar. I’m probably late, but I like some stuff I hear from their new album “So It Goes”.

Dizzy Wright – Killem Wit Kindness

I will be keeping an eye out for this man’s future projects. I highly reccomend checking out his mixtape “The Golden Age”. Also an interesting fact,  his uncle is Layzie Bone so this rapping thing is in his blood.